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Transforming an XML Document

This assignment asks you to transform an XML document into an HTML document using an XSLT processor.

In particular, you should transform pt.xml, which contains an XML version of the periodic table of the elements, into pt.html. The HTML document contains only a subset of the information contained in the XML document.


You should turn in the following items:

  • The XSLT stylesheet that you wrote to perform the transformation.
  • The HTML file that is generated when an XSLT processor uses your stylesheet to process the pt.xml file.

Send these files to me in the body of an e-mail message (e.g. plain ASCII text). No attachements!

Retrieving the Files

In addition to the URLs above, you can access the pt.html and pt.xml files from my public_ftp directory. To access my public ftp directory, use the following information:

Directory: /users/kena/

Due Date

Your stylesheet and generated HTML file are due by start of class, September 26, 2001.


As usual, please send any questions that you have to <>.

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