CSCI 6448

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

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   ECCR 150

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   Tuesday and Thursday
   9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

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   August, 1998
   September 1-9, 1998
   September 10-30, 1998
   October, 1998

Related Links

This page contains links to related material for the course. Below are links to topics on UML and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design techniques.

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

CRC Cards

CRC stands for Class-Responsibility-Collaboration. It is an object-oriented design technique to help teams design the responsibilities (interfaces) and collaborations (associations) for classes within their project's domain. UML Distilled gives a pointer to more information at the following URL:


Contributed by Walt Manaker.


Official UML Website

The official website for UML is the one maintained by Rational. It is located at the following URL:


Contributed by Van Lepthien.

Other UML Websites



Object Constraint Language

IBM played a key role in developing the Object Constraint Language. IBM has an OCL website with a lot of information and a free Java parser for the OCL! The IBM OCL website is located at:


UML Reference Card

An extremely useful UML reference card is located at the following URL:


Contributed by John Caron.

Use Cases

Alistair Cockburn's Use Case web page has some helpful readings on use cases:


Contributed by Walt Manaker.

This URL points to a survey of OOA&D methods that incorporate the notion of use cases in some fashion:


Contributed by Jia Hua Xiao.

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