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Object Oriented Analysis and Design

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   August, 1998
   September 1-9, 1998
   September 10-30, 1998
   October, 1998

What's New (September 1998, Part 1)

September 9, 1998

10:00 PM

An initial version of the Chimera website is now available. This website will be drastically improved over the next few days but for now it allows you to download the Chimera source code and take a look. I will be adding a lot more information to the site such as how to compile it, how to configure it, and how to launch the servers. Stay Tuned!

9:30 PM

Yiyuan He, we have an incorrect e-mail address for you. <> does not work. Please send me your correct e-mail address, thanks.

11:00 AM

I will be working on the Chimera website today. By the end of the day, the source code and class files will be available along with minimal documentation. More documentation will be added as we progress through the week!

We will be testing the class mailing list today. Expect a message soon!

We still need e-mail addresses from the following students (updated 7:50 PM, 09/09/98):

Hung Nguyen, Jonathan Phillips, Mei Sheng, Zheng Yang

September 8, 1998

2:45 PM

John Caron has provided information on another modeling tool that provides support for UML (see marketing info below). I haven't yet looked, in depth, at any of these tools, but I plan to do so before the week is done. I would be interested in getting opinions from the class. Have you tried it? What are the limitations? etc. Thanks!

Together/J is part of the Together® product family, the first platform-independent UML modeler to deliver simultaneous Round-trip Engineering. This award winning two-way technology significantly improves productivity and quality by automatically synchronizing diagrams and source code- always.

Together/J brings the power and productivity of Together® to Java.

Because it works directly with source files (no intermediate repository!) you get proven scalability and immediate integration with leading Java IDEs and version control systems.

September 7, 1998

5:15 PM

Lecture 4 is now available.

Team Assignment 1 is now available. This assignment will be discussed further in class tomorrow.

September 6, 1998

5:30 PM

Lecture 3 is now available. Lecture 4 should be available tomorrow.

1:30 PM

Scott Miao sent in details about the Rational Rose tools that were mentioned on the first day of class. For people using Windows and/or Unix machines, check out <>. We will try to arrange a demonstration of these tools in class at some point.

10:30 AM

ObjectPlant 2.0.1 is a Macintosh shareware application that supports the creation of UML diagrams. For those of you with access to a Macintosh it may be useful in constructing the class diagrams that we will be discussing in class.

September 5, 1998

10:30 AM

I need e-mail addresses for the following students: (updated 11:00 AM, 09/09/1998)

Hung Nguyen, Jonathan Phillips, Mei Sheng, Xingjian Xiao, Zheng Yang

The teams page has been updated. Please check this page for errors and send any corrections to me, thanks!

The following students are not yet assigned to a Team:

Hung Nguyen, Jonathan Phillips, Xingjian Xiao

For those students not on a team, please let me know if you intend to be in class on Tuesday so we can get you assigned to a team. Thank you.

September 2, 1998

1:32 PM

Students have started to express interest in projects. Please review the projects and send me your interests. Also, if you haven't yet sent me your e-mail address, please do so, I'm trying to set-up the class mailing list.

September 1, 1998

9:40 PM

Please send me your e-mail address.

The project ideas have been listed. Use the navigation bar on the left to view the ideas. Send me an e-mail message listing your top two favorite project ideas and/or send me additional project ideas to post.

7:17 PM

Note: We had quite a few drops this past weekend. As a result I believe everyone who wants to be in the class is now registered. The waiting list for the class has gone to zero since everyone who wanted in was added.

Several updates have been made on the website. The Course Assessment page has been slightly modified. The value of the project has been reduced to 70 percent of the grade and a section for iteration has been added. The value of the readings has been increased from 5 percent of the grade to 10 percent. In addition, the schedule has been updated with the correct due date for the second set of readings.

5:34 PM

The website is in the process of being updated...check back soon for a listing of project ideas.

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