I've had the fortune of working with really great collaborators. My students mostly have degrees in computer science. All have fluency in a non-English natural language. As part of our research, they have published first author papers at first-tier conferences (ACL, IMCL, WWW, and NIPS) and first-tier journals (Machine Learning Journal and Computational Biology). They've won competitive positions at Yahoo! Labs, Microsoft Research and Facebook.

I'm fairly conservative about whom I put on this list (mostly just coauthors and official students), so e-mail me if there's been an oversight.

Current PhD Students

Past PhD Students

People I'm Working with now

Past Collaborators

Current MS Students

Current Undergrads

Past MS Students

  • Eric Hardisty
  • Manjhunath Ravi
  • Mohamad Alkhouja
  • Alison Smith
  • Brianna Satinoff

Past Undergrads

  • Stephanie Hwa
  • Danny Bouman
  • Davis Yoshida

Other Students I've Published With

  • Stephen Bach
  • Vlad Eidelman
  • Anupam Guha
  • Paul Felt
  • Jeff Lund
Jordan's Group