Clarence (Skip) Ellis, Professor

Teaching Interests:
Groupware, Workflow, Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW), Social Implications of Computing, Coordination Theory, Alice, Introduction to Computer Science.

Current Courses:
  • Groupware and Workflow Systems, CSCI 4342 and 5342. To see information, click here
  • Research Interests:
    Workflow Technology, Groupware, Cognitive Science (Group cognition), Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Object Oriented Systems, Systems Modeling, Distributed Interaction Systems, and Group User Interfaces.

    Current Projects:
  • NEEM: An Agent Based Meeting Support System
  • Modelling of Interactive CSCW Processes
  • Studies of Next Generation Workflow Systems
  • Petri Net Models of Dynamic Change and Exception Handling
  • Groupware Taxonomies and Analyses
  • Study of Architectures for Large Scale Workflow
  • The BlackTalk Jazz Programming Language
  • Current Events:
  • CU Summer Multicultural Access to Research Training SMART
  • International Folk Dancing
  • ACM Special Interest Group on Supporting Group Work SIGGROUP
  • Contact Information:
    Office: ECOT 747, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Phone: 303-492-5984
    Fax: 303-492-2844
    Vita: Biographical Sketch

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