I am an assistant professor of theoretical computer science at CU Boulder, and an affiliate faculty member in applied math.

My research is at the interface of theoretical machine learning and economics: information elicitation, crowdsourcing, and markets. I also work in dynamical systems.

Before coming to Boulder, I was a postdoc at MSR-NYC, and then at Harvard's CRCS with Yiling Chen and Yaron Singer in the EconCS group. I completed my Ph.D. in theoretical computer science at Berkeley, advised by Christos Papadimitriou and funded by the NDSEG Fellowship.

Some news:

  • I am currently taking on students. If you have a strong math background and are interested in tackling exciting problems in algorithmic economics and theoretical machine learning, please apply. Come join our growing theory group!
  • Congrats to Jessie on her first N(eur)IPS paper! Check out her spotlight presentation.
  • Congrats to Sharadha on being the 2018-2019 academic year recipient of the Awtar and Reji Singh Fellowship!

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