MSDNAA: Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance

University of Colorado Department of Computer Science


The Department subscribes to MSDNAA, which makes selected Microsoft software available for download to students and faculty for specified educational and research purposes.


Software is only available to authorized users under the terms of the MSDNAA Usage Guidelines.




Authorization is linked to enrollment in courses in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. You cannot be authorized except in connection with a course in which you are currently enrolled. This applies even if you have been authorized at an earlier time.


If a professor has requested it, all students enrolled in a given course are authorized users, and you will receive email telling you how to obtain software.


If  you have a project connected with a CSCI or ECEE class for which you would like to obtain software, but the professor has not requested authorization for the whole class, ask your professor to request authorization for you, following the instructions for faculty below. Once this is done you will receive email telling you how to obtain software.


Faculty in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering:


To request authorization for students in your class, send a list of email addresses for the students (text, one address per line) to . Use the same procedure to request authorization for students working on individual projects connected with your class.


To request authorization for software for your own research or educational projects, send a request to , indicating how the request relates to the Usage Guidelines.