Liz Bradley

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Research Interests:

Analysis of time-series data from complex adaptive nonlinear systems: nonlinear dynamics, information theory, topological data analysis, ...
Artificial Intelligence: computer tools that autonomously analyze and/or design things. Please note: I do not work on machine learning.

Nonlinear dynamics and information-theory projects:

Artificial intelligence projects:

I also get involved in other fun stuff that my students are interested in, like:

Many of the links on this "ongoing" sections of this page point to documents that describe current research opportunities. These range from one-semester undergraduate research projects through M.S. and Ph.D. theses to postdoctoral appointments. Please shoot me an email message if you're interested in any of these opportunities. And I'm happy to work with smart, independent students on projects of their own choosing, even if I don't know much about the associated area.