LAPACK Related Projects

For the Subdirectory containing CCI (Call Conversion Interface) see: LAPACK/ESSL Also review lawn82 for more information.

For the Fortran90 interface to LAPACK, see directory lapack90 LAPACK90 is the Fortran90 interface to LAPACK.
by Jerzy Wasniewski

For a C++ implementation of LAPACK see lapack++ LAPACK extensions for high performance linear algebra computations. This version includes support for solving linear systems using LU, Cholesky, and QR matrix factorizations. By Roldan Pozo

For an f2c'ed conversion of LAPACK see directory clapack

For a distributed-memory implementation of LAPACK see directory scalapack A portable implementation of some of the core routines in LAPACK across MPI, PVM, Intel Paragon, IBM SP, and SGI O2K.

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