Greg Grudic


Assistant Professor

Co-Director, with Jane Mulligan, of the Intelligence in Action Lab.

Department of Computer Science

University of Colorado at Boulder



Research (Machine Learning and Robotics)



Current Graduate Students:

        Abhishek Jaiantilal (Ph.D.)

        Benjamin Weste Pearre (Ph.D.)

        Michael Otte (Ph.D.). Co-supervised with Jane Mulligan.

        Samuel Robert Reid (Ph.D.)



Graduated Ph.D. Students:

        Thomas Strohmann, 2006. Currently at Google

        Markus Breitenbach, 2007. Currently at Northpointe Institute for Public Management, Inc.

        Michael J. Procopio, 2007. Co-supervised with Jane Mulligan. Currently at Sandia National Laboratories



Workshops Organized



Journal Editorials






Publications and Relevant Software Links. (Other Software links can be found at Intelligence in Action Lab)







        Jane Mulligan

        Steve Moulton, University of Colorado, School of Medicine.



Contact Information:


Department of Computer Science

University of Colorado

430 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309-0430



Office: ECOT 525



Office Phone: (303) 492-4419


FAX: (303) 492-2844



Email: grudic at cs dot colorado dot edu

(email link).



Office hours: By Appointment (this term).