My research focuses on developing and applying statistical calibration techniques to answer interesting science questions like...

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Postdoctoral scholarEarth and Environmental Systems Institute, Penn State University2016-2017
Network for Sustainable Climate Risk Management
Co-develop BRICK, an open source, freely available model for sea-level rise
(Ongoing) develop a MESS of a repository for calibrating statistical models for storm surge hazard
Graduate research assistantApplied Math, CU-Boulder2011-2016
Land surface model optimization by Bayesian parameter calibration
Development of stable water isotopically-enabled land surface model, as part of a larger isotope-enabled global climate model
SIParCS grad student internNational Center for Atmospheric Research2011
Increased functionality of Earth System Modeling Framework by adding support for proposed Climate and Forecasting grid conventions
REU student internHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics2009
Developed and streamlined pipeline for reduction and classification of stellar spectra observed using the Hectochelle spectrograph on the Multiple Mirror Telescope