Sriram Sankaranarayanan: Teaching

Open Courses

Linear and Integer Programming (Coursera)

On-Campus Courses

Graduate Algorithms (CSCI5454, Fall 2018).
Probabilistic Programming (CSCI7135, Fall 2018).
Principles of Programming Languages (CSCI 3155, Fall 2018).

On-Campus Courses (Past)

Verification and Control of Cyber Physical Systems (CSCI5854 Spring 2017).
Introduction to Algorithms (CSCI 3104), Fall 2016.
Linear and Integer Programming (CSCI 5654), Fall 2016.
Introduction to PhD in Computer Science (CSCI 6000), Fall 2016.
Introduction to Algorithms (CSCI 3104), Spring 2016.
Cloed Loop Medical Devices Seminar (CSCI 7000), Spring 2016.
Theory of Computation (CSCI 3434 (undergraduates) and CSCI 5444 (graduate)).
Introduction to Algorithms (Undergraduate) (CSCI 3104, Spring 15).
Closed-Loop Medical Devices Seminar (CSCI 7000-013, Spring 15).
Verification and Control of Cyber Physical Systems (CSCI7000-5, Fall 2014).
Discrete Structures (CSCI 2824, Spring 2011-2014).
Linear Programming (CSCI 5654, Fall’09,’11,’13).
Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems ( CSCI 7000, Spring’10,Fall’12).
Readings in Formal Methods (Fall 2012).
The Complexity of Computation (CSCI 7154, Fall 2010).