Bruce W. Sanders
department of computer science
university of colorado boulder
boulder, colorado usa

My Office Door

For many years I've collected various cartoons that I particularly liked and posted them on my door. I'd often find people (that I didn't even know) standing in front of my door reading them and chuckling. Since many of the cartoons were starting to become yellowed and torn, I thought I should update to a digital door.

So ... here are the cartoons that used to cover my door. All are related in some way or another to software engineering.

Software Reuse Hey Mr. Bignose Ice Cream! Talk to My Agent Project Time Line Do I Need a Lobotomy? Requirements Mountain Goat Project Dewdrop Goons to Beat It Out of You Software Demo HELF! Help Wanted Code Rage Easter Eggs Intel Job Kemo Sabe Dad's Lecture Who's Moving Up? Padding Schedules God at His Computer Object-Oriented Design Potato Chip Project Plan Linux Agile Programming
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