MCS 2010

The 1st ACM Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing & Services: Social Networks and Beyond

Co-located with ACM MobiSys 2010, San Francisco, USA. June 15, 2010.

With support from NOKIA Logo and Intel Logo


       8:15-8:30 am  Introductory remarks by co-chairs Rick Han and Erran Li

8:30-10 am   Session #1 (Invited talks)

          Dennis Gannon, Microsoft Research
          "The Age of the Mobile Cloud: Future Application Scenarios"

          Eyal De Lara, University of Toronto
          "Leveraging Fast VM Fork for Next Generation Mobile Perception"

                Seok-Won Seong, Jiwon Seo, Matthew Nasielski, Debangsu
                Sengupta, Sudheendra Hangal, Seng Keat Teh, Ruven Chu,
                Ben Dodson, Monica Lam, Stanford University
                Full Paper, "PrPl: A Decentralized Social Networking

10:00-10:30 am   Coffee break

10:30-12 pm   Session #2: Mobile Cloud Computing

          Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Mellon University
          Short Paper, "Mobile Computing: the Next Decade"

          Byung-gon Chun, Patros Maniatis, Intel Research
          Short Paper, "Dynamically Partitioning Applications
          Between Weak Devices and Clouds"
(Invited paper and talk)

          Patrick Stuedi, Iqbal Mohomed, Doug Terry, Microsoft Research
          Full Paper, "WhereStore: Location-based Data Storage for
          Mobile Devices Interacting with the Cloud"

      12-1 pm Lunch

1-1:30 pm   continuation of Session #2

                Lingji Chen, Harshavardhan D Achrekar, Benyuan Liu, Ross Lazarus,
                Scientific Systems Company Inc, University of Massachusetts
                at Lowell, and Harvard Medical School
                Short Paper, "Towards Real Time Epidemic Vigilance
                through Online Social Networks"

1:30-2:30 pm  Panel, "Emerging Models for Mobile Cloud

    Computing and Services". 

    Panel members:  Michael Franklin, University of California at
Jitu Padhye, Microsoft Research; Mahadev
    Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Mellon University; Ville Tuulos,
Nokia Research

      2:30-3 pm     White Paper Roadmap for Mobile Cloud Computing:
          Social Networks & Beyond (summary coming!)

     3-3:30 pm     Coffee Break

3:30-5 pm     Session #3: Mobile Cloud Computing

                Eric Jung, Yichuan Wang, Iuri Prilepov, Frank Maker, Xin
                Liu, Venkatesh Akella, University of California at Davis
                Full Paper, "User-Profile-Driven Collaborative Bandwidth
                Sharing on Mobile Phones"

          Lan Zhang, Xuan Ding, Zhiguo Wan, Ming Gu, Xiang-Yang Li,
          Tsinghua University and Illinois Institute of Technology
          Full Paper, "WiFace: A Secure GeoSocial Networking
          System Using WiFi-based Multi-hop MANET"

          Gonzalo F. Huerta-Canepa, Dongman Lee, KAIST
          Short Paper, "Ad Hoc Virtual Cloud Computing Providers
          for Mobile Devices"