Seminar Announcement, Fall 2001


Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

CSCI 7143-002: Topics in Computer Systems –

Mobile Computing



The dawn of the age of ubiquitous computing is upon us.  Everyday devices such as wireless PDA’s, video-enabled cell phones, Bluetooth-enabled toys, sensors, I/O devices, household appliances, and kiosks will be interconnected and able to interact with one another.  Our goals are to understand the state-of-the-art in mobile and ubiquitous computing research, and to build creative research projects in this area.  This seminar will include such topics as:


·        Service discovery protocols: e.g. Jini, UPNP, SLP

·        Ubiquitous Computing systems: e.g. HP’s Cooltown, Microsoft’s EasyLiving, Compaq’s Itsy, Xerox’s PARCTab

·        Location-aware computing: e.g. Active badge system, RADAR, Cricket, GPS

·        Mobile TCP/IP networking: e.g. wireless TCP, Mobile IP, ad-hoc routing

·        Low-power computing: Itsy, low-power design of applications, networking protocols, and hardware

·        Security: e.g. 802.11b WEP, authorization/access control


Depending on time, additional topics may include wireless multimedia, GUI’s for mobile devices, mobile databases, and multi-device computing.  Students will be asked to build/create an innovative research project for presentation at the end of the semester.  There will also be a couple of interim assignments.


Instructor: Professor Rick Han,, ECOT 521

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and familiarity with TCP/IP networking.  Interested undergrads should contact the instructor.

Schedule & Location: MW 4-5:15 pm, ECOT 831 (originally MUEN D144)

Course number: CSCI 7143-002, Call # 14491.  See also the CS Web site: