CSCI 7143-001: Topics in Mobile Computing

Graduate Seminar in Sensor Networks

Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, Fall 2002


Plagiarism Policy

Students are expected to produce original research for their project, an original written project report and original written paper reviews. 

Students may work together in teams to create/build their project, but the content of the collective project must be original. 

The written project report must be original. If material produced elsewhere is included in the report, such as a graph or a written passage, then citations must be made within the report to the included material.  Similarly,  the slide presentation of the final project must include citations of any significant included material.

Students may discuss papers with each other, but for each paper, each student must write an original paper review that is in their own words.

When presenting papers for discussion in class, students may use material without citation, such as slides produced by others on the Web. 

Violations of this plagiarism policy, the University Honor Code, and/or the Honor Code pledge shown below will be grounds for grade reduction and/or potentially other punitive actions, in accordance with the University Honor Code.