CSCI 4273/5273: Network Systems

Spring 2009

Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder


See the Moodle class Web page at

Schedule & Location: Mon, Wed 4-5:15 pm, ECCR 150
Course number: CSCI 4273/5273, Call # depends on ugrad/grad.  See also the CS Web site and look under the Courses option.
CSCI 3753 Operating Systems, and familiarity with C and UNIX.
Professor Rick Han,
Office: ECCR 1B05F
Office Hours: Monday Tuesday 2-3 pm and Wednesday 5:15-6:15 pm
in ECCR 1B09.  Additional appointments as needed.
Phone: 303-492-0914

Other very useful references: 

Lab TA: Jai Ramanarayanan Krishnan Iyer
Lab TA Office/Hours: Tuesdays 4 pm and Fridays 2 pm, ECCS 122, and contact by email for other meetings.
Lab TA Email: Jai.Ramanarayanankrishnaniyer@Colorado.EDU

Aleksandr Rudenko
Grader email:

class Web site:
See the Moodle class Web page at  Assignments, lecture slides, and announcements can be found there.  You will have to establish an account on the moodle and then subscribe to our class on the moodle using the special enrollment key given out in class.

CSEL Accounts:
Each student should sign up for an account on the Computer Science Educational Labs (CSEL) Linux cluster.  The general CSEL site is


25% Final exam - Monday December 14, 10:30 am - 1 pm
15% Midterm exam
45% Programming assignments
15% Problem sets/homework

Plagiarism policy.

All programming assignments and homeworks are due by start of class on their respective due dates, unless otherwise noted.  Programming assignments and homeworks must be submitted by uploading them to the moodle class Web page, unless otherwise noted.   The late policy for programming assignments is as follows: 10% off if submitted within 24 hours of the due date; 20% off if submitted 24-48 hours after the due date; no credit if submitted two days or more after the due date.  Late homeworks will not be accepted, unless otherwise noted by the instructor.  For both programs and homework sets, we highly encourage you to submit even partially finished work for partial credit.  Extensions will not be granted except at the instructor's discretion in documented cases of extreme hardship.

Grading for graduate students in 5273 will be evaluated separately from grading for undergraduate students in 4273.  As the occasion warrants, certain assignments may have a higher degree of difficulty for graduate students.

All programming assignments must be written in C and compiled for execution on the Linux operating system in the CSEL Linux cluster, unless otherwise noted.  The TA will grade your programs on the CSEL Linux machines.


Problem sets and programming assignments will be posted on the moodle class Web page.

Disability Policy

Religious Observances Policy

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy

Classroom Behavior Policy