Internet Repositories for Collaborative Learning: Supporting both Students and Teachers

Gerry Stahl, Tamara Sumner, Alexander Repenning
Owen Research, Inc., Boulder, Colorado Department of Computer Science and Center for LifeLong Learning and Design University of Colorado at Boulder


Most efforts to create computer-supported collaborative learning environments have been focused on students. However, without providing appropriate integration of collaborative activities into curricula, these efforts will have little widespread impact on educational practices. To improve education through technology, learning environments for students must be integrated with curriculum development tools for teachers to create an integrated collaboration-oriented classroom. This paper describes how software tools for Internet repositories can aid fundamental collaboration activities‹locating, using, adapting, and sharing‹at both the teacher level (with the Teacher¹s Curriculum Assistant) and the student level (with the Remote Exploratorium). It illustrates how tools for educators and tools for students can be orchestrated into integrated classroom support.


Computers, networks and other technological developments relevant to CSCL; educational distance groupware; design and interface issues