Simulations for Lifelong Learning

Gina Cherry, Andri Ioannidou, Cyndi Rader, Cathy Brand, Alexander Repenning
Department of Computer Science
Campus Box 430
University of Colorado, Boulder CO 80309 303 492-1349,


Computer simulations are one promising tool for supporting learning at all levels from elementary school to workplace learning. Learning through simulations, either by creating simulations or by exploring existing ones, helps learners develop a deeper understanding of the concepts being simulated. Learning about simulations is also important since simulations are frequently employed to make predictions or test ideas by scientists and policy makers. In this paper, we describe a number of simulations that have served as tools for a variety of lifelong learners, ranging from elementary school students to professionals. These simulations were all created with the Visual AgenTalk language (VAT) employed by the AgentSheets system.