Gamelet Design for Education

Final Report and Presentation

We'll meet in the lab on Saturday, May 6, at 4:30 (the time scheduled for the final exam.) We'll aim to finish by around 6, and then those interested can go out somewhere for dinner (strictly optional).

Before that time, please complete your GORP postings for your project, and include a brief final report in the "Testing and Feedback" section under the "Design" tab in GORP, that includes the following information:

On Saturday you will give a presentation of 5 minutes that shows the lessons from your project for the overall enterprise of creating educational gamelets.

Imagine that we have been contacted by a faculty member in the School of Education, who has read about the interest in using game design for education. We have invited this person to meet with our class to understand whether educational gamelets are likely to be valuable for them, and to learn what to do and what not to do if they decide to develop an educational gamelet. Your presentation would contribute to these goals. That is, you should indicate what aspects of your project, positive or negative, would be relevant to someone who wants to create an educational gamelet in the future.