Spring 1998 Course Offering

CSCI 2830, Section 001
Special Topics in Computer Science:
Artificial Life


Professor Michael C. Mozer
W 15:00-17:45
ECCR 118
CSCI 1300 or equivalent

Artificial life is a field of scientific study that attempts to reproduce, via computer modeling, complex phenomena found in biological systems, such as intelligence, self-replication, and adaptation. In this course, we will construct artificial organisms on a computer that can interact with one another in a simulated environment. Topics will include: Although scientists in the field of Artificial Life are often biologists, ecologists, or psychologists, in this course we will view Artificial Life as an engineering discipline. We will attempt to understand the mechanisms and algorithms that underlie the behavior of an organism, and we will attempt to build organisms that achieve certain behaviors. This course will introduce you to the discipline through hands-on team projects, group discussions, and readings. An indirect goal of the course is to teach you some skills valuable in computer science and engineering, including: Students are expected to attend every class. Class sessions will roughly be divided between lectures, discussions, and labs. Enrollment preference will be given to freshmen and sophomores; upperclass students will be accepted only if space remains.

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