CSCI 3202
Artificial Intelligence

Assignment 8

Assigned: Tue Nov 16
Due: Thu Dec 2

Your final assignment is to do a project that allows you to build on what you have learned in the course, and demonstrates that you can use material you have previously learned to understand other work in the AI field or to apply concepts you have learned in the course.  I am leaving this assignment relatively free form.  You have three options for the final assignment:
I originally called Assignment 8 a "final project" and warned you that I had high expectations for what you would produce.  In retrospect, I appreciate that you have worked hard throughout the semester, so I'm placing less emphasis on this assignment than I'd originally anticipated.  You should invest about as much energy on this assignment as you did on Assignment 7.

If you are concerned about your grade for the course, this assignment is your opportunity to go all-out and make up for past mistakes.