A new grade sheet is now up. It includes everything I have up until today.  The last column is the percent that you have of the possible scores.

HW1 was worth 50

HW2 was worth 100.  It's divided into two parts. You get 50 points if your part 1 solution worked.   The remaining 50 points are scaled relative to the best R-precision that was posted (.4147). 

HW 3 was the same: 50 points if it worked, plus 50 points prorated to the best F-score (.3988).

HW Total is your % of the total HW points (250).

Quiz 1 was worth 45, Quiz 2 was worth 60.  They're weighted equally.

The HW total and quiz total carry equal weight in the final column.

The average Total score is .825, with a std deviation of .12. 

© James H. Martin, 2011