Sample Programming Assignments

Data Structures and Other Objects Using Java (Third Edition)
by Michael Main
ISBN 0-321-37525-4

Programming Assignments

Here are some suggestions of classes that you can ask your students to implement. You can copy and modify these programming specifications, or use them as is for your own class. WARNING TO STUDENTS: These are only sample assignments; check with your instructor to find out what your actual programming assignments are.
Chapter 2:
A Simple Statistician Class
Chapter 3:
The Sequence Class from Section 3.3 (with an array)
Chapter 4:
The Sequence Class from Section 4.5 (with a linked list)
Chapter 5:
The Sequence Class with an External Iterator.
A Bag with Receipts, using an array.
Chapter 6:
Evaluator for Postfix or Infix Expressions.
Chapter 7:
A Priority Queue Class.
A Simple Traffic Light Simulation.
Chapter 8:
Seven Small Recursive Functions.
A Recursive Permutation Generator.
Chapter 9:
A Binary Search Tree Implementation of the Bag
Chapter 10:
A Heap Implementation of the Priority Queue Class.
A B-Tree Implementation of the Set Class.
Chapter 11:
A Chained Hash Table.
Chapter 12:
A Quicksort Function.
Chapter 13:
Preliminary Version of a Short Bonus Assignment on Inheritance.

Data Structures and Other Objects Using Java

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