Corrections for the Second Edition

Data Structures and Other Objects Using Java (Second Edition)
by Michael Main ISBN 0-201-74093-1, Softcover, 808 pages, 2003

Here is a list of corrections for the second edition of the text.
--Michael Main (

Chapter 1: The correct temperature of absolute zero is minus 273.15C.

Page 35: the maxof3 function should be maxOfArray.

Page 95: The declaration in Project 2 should have parentheses:
Statistician s = new Statistician( );

Page 100: The middle of the right column should read "The denominator
should never include a minus sign."

Page 127: Just under the while statement, the statement index should be

Page 493: The line addroot = IntBTNode::treeCopy(addend.root);
should be: addroot = IntBTNode.treeCopy(addend.root);

Page 443: The last parameter to numbers should be k (rather than n).

Page 469: The node with 'G' should be after the 'T' in Post-order.