CSCI 1300 - Spring 2007
Introduction to Computer Science
Academic Honesty and Policies

Academic Honesty

All exam and quiz work is required to be done solely by yourself.

For programming assignments, you may consult with others (instructors, other students, etc.). You may look at and discuss algorithms or programs that are under development provided that you do not make a copy of any code in any way (no file copying, no xerox copies, no copying by hand, etc.), nor may you allow another student to make a copy of your code. You may also use any references (books, web, etc.) provided that include a comment that cites any resources used (except our textbook)

As a student, you are responsible for knowing and adhering to this policy. Violations will be reported to the CU Honor Code Council and result in an F for the entire course.

Disability Accommodations

If you qualify for accommodations because of a disability, please submit to me a letter from Disability Services in a timely manner so that your needs may be addressed. Disability Services determines accommodations based on documented disabilities. Contact: 303-492-8671, Willard 322, and www.Colorado.EDU/disabilityservices.

Absenses and Missed Work

Attendance is required at all lectures and recitations. If you have a conflict that causes you to miss a lecture, miss a recitation, or require an extension on a homework assignment, please contact Michael at least one week in advance to arrange alternatives. Missed work that has not been previous discussed will have a zero grade recorded.

Discrimination and Harrassment

Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable about anything in our class. The university has an official policy that may help: "The University of Colorado at Boulder policy on Discrimination and Harassment, the University of Colorado policy on Sexual Harassment and the University of Colorado policy on Amorous Relationships apply to all students, staff and faculty. Any student, staff or faculty member who believes s/he has been the subject of discrimination or harassment based upon race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status should contact the Office of Discrimination and Harassment (ODH) at 303-492-2127 or the Office of Judicial Affairs at 303-492-5550. Information about the ODH, the above referenced policies and the campus resources available to assist individuals regarding discrimination or harassment can be obtained at"