CSCI 1300 - Exercise 1
Using Visual Studio for C++

When and Where to Start this First Exercise
...and What To Do If You Missed the First Recitation

PC Labs in the
Engineering Center
CR 235    CR 239
CR 244    CR 252 (24 hours)
CH 107    CR 244
Other campus sites are
listed at
It is best to start a lab exercise during your assigned recitation period. If you run into any immediate problems, one of the instructors will be able to help. However, some of you might have missed your assigned time during the first week. If so, then you'll need to work on your own home machine or go to one of the PC labs on your own to get started.

Required Completion Date

This exercise must be completed as soon as possible after your first recitation. Otherwise you won't have time to complete the first homework (which is due the next week).

Set up Your University Account and Identikey

Starting Visual Studio