Using the CSCI1300 Software from a Thumb Drive

These instructions allow you to put the CSCI 1300 software on a thumb drive so that the software may be run from any Windows machine without installation.

You must first put the needed files on your thumb drive, like this:

  1. Take your thumb drive to a machine that has the csci1300 installed.
  2. Open My Computer and navigate to the C drive, Program Files, Colorado.
  3. Highlight the cs1300 folder icon and choose the Copy command.
  4. Close My Computer
  5. Insert your thumb drive and select the option to view the files. If this option does not appear, then you can open My Computer again and double click on the thumb drive.
  6. Right click in the window that shows your thumb drive files and choose the Paste option. This will copy the cs1300 directory to your thumb drive.

When you go to another windows machine, follow these directions:

  1. Plug in the thumb drive. You can choose to view the files or just close the pop-up dialog; it doesn't matter. But do notice the letter that has been assigned to your thumb drive (often E: or F: or G:).
  2. From the Start menu, choose Run and type cmd.exe (or in Windows 7, just type cmd.exe in the search bar at the bottom of the Start menu).
  3. The black command window will open.
  4. Before doing anything else, type this in the command window (where X: is the letter for your thumb drive):
         X:\cs1300\gocs   X:\cs1300
    Now you can run the cs1300 tools from this command window!