CSCI 7000-004 Fall 2008
Systems and Algorithms for Massive Data Applications


Administrative Information

Meeting time Tu Th 09:30am -- 10:45am
Location ECST 1B21 map
Instructor Qin (Christine) Lv
Office hours TBD

Course Summary

This course presents a survey of recent research on efficient systems and algorithms design for managing and exploring massive amounts of digital data. This course focuses on systems issues such as distributed search systems, storage systems, peer-to-peer systems, as well as practical uses of Bloom filters, sketching, and indexing techniques. Domain-specific data management and analysis, such as those in multimedia retrieval, online social networks, bioinformatics, and scientific computing, are also covered.

This course is open to both PhD students and MS/ME students. Students are expected to read papers, write paper reviews, participate in discussions, present papers, and finish a course project.