Professor Liz Bradley

Department of Computer Science

Joint Appointment with
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Liz at Mt. Audubon

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Other affiliations:
The Department of Applied Mathematics
The Santa Fe Institute (member of the external faculty & the Science Board)
The Colorado Biofrontiers Institute (member of the Task Force)
The Computing Research Association's Computing Community Consortium (CRA CCC) (member)

Spring Semester Office Hours:
Mondays from 1:30-3pm and by appointment; please email me to set up a time. Note: on 16 April, my office hours will run from 1-1:50pm.

Course Materials:
Numerical Computation (CSCI 3656): this course's webpage is on the CS department moodle
Chaotic Dynamics (CSCI 4446/5446)
MOOC on nonlinear dynamics (through the Santa Fe Institute's Complexity Explorer website)
New PhD Student Seminar (CSCI 6000)
Introduction to Engineering Computing (GEEN 1300): this course's webpage is on D2L
Computer Graphics (CSCI 4229; last taught Spring 2003)

Current Research Collaborators:
Ken Anderson, Professor, Computer Science.
Varad Deshmukh, PhD student, Computer Science.
Laura de Vesine, postdoc, Computer Science.
Tyler Jones, research associate, INSTAAR
Tom Marchitto, Associate Professor, Geological Sciences
Jim Meiss, Professor, Applied Mathematics.
Samantha Molnar, PhD student, Computer Science.
Nikki Sanderson, PhD student, Mathematics.
Elliott Shugerman, BS student, Engineering Physics
Izaak Weiss, BS student, Computer Science.
Jim White, Professor, Geological Sciences and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate/Postgraduate Research Alumni:
Jenny Abernethy is now a postdoc at CSIRO in Australia.
Zach Alexander is now at Microsoft Research.
Nancy Collins is now at NCAR.
Matt Easley is now at Rockwell Scientific.
Joshua Garland is now an Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. Here's a nice feature about him from DSWeb.
James Garnett is somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.
Kenny Gruchalla now leads the scientific visualization group at NREL.
Stephen Heck is now at Sandia.
Rhonda Hoenigman is now an instructor and associate department chair at the University of Colorado.
Joe Iwanski is now at the Dwight Englewood School outside New York City.
Ryan James is now a postdoc in Jim Crutchfield's group at UC Davis.
Todd Mytkowicz is now at Microsoft Research.
Tom Peacock is now a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at M.I.T.
Laura Rassbach de Vesine is now at Google.
Vanessa Robins is now a research fellow at the Australian National University.
Natalie Ross is now at Infoprint.
Reinhard Stolle now leads BMW's car IT division in Munich.
Josh Stuart is now a Professor of Biomolecular Engineering at UC Santa Cruz, and the winner of CU's 2006 Kalpana Chawla award. Click here to read about some of what Josh has been up to lately.
Elizabeth White took an instructor position at the University of Colorado after finishing her Ph.D.

Contact Information:
Email: lizb(at)cs[dot]colorado{dot}edu
Phone: +1-303-492-5355
Fax: +1-303-492-2844
Mail: University of Colorado 430 UCB
Department of Computer Science
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA

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