Schedule for Today

I'm finalizing the schedule for today's class. If I remember correctly, we have the following presentations lined up:

Two presentations on Open ID

Two presentations on Google Web Toolkit

One presentation on Web 2.0 mashups

One presentation on Ghost, a Web 2.0 virtual computer

One presentation on Coghead, Bungee Connect, and Heroku

If you were planning on presenting today but don't see your topic listed above, let me know, so I can update the list.

Also for the week after Thanksgiving, I have the following presentations lined up:

One presentation on Rails, Web 2.0 and REST

One presentation on Google's Mashup Editor

One presentation on Ubiquity, a Firefox extension related to mashups

One presentation from John on other entries in the Bungee Connect / Coghead space.

One presentation on Google App Engine

Recall that you need to have made at least three presentations over the semester, so if you still have presentations to give, then please sign up for making presentations on Dec. 3rd and Dec 10th (but recall that most of Dec. 10th will be devoted to seeing the final project presentations from each of our teams).



Kenneth M. Anderson, 2008