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Presentations and Grades

I have now uploaded the lion share of class presentations that hadn't yet made it to the website. Check out the Lectures page for more details. I also finished grading all of the projects and will be uploading the grades to the Registrar later this afternoon.

I greatly enjoyed this seminar and I wish you all a good Winter break!

Slides, Documents and Team Evaluations

Three quick reminders: please send me the slides from any presentations you made over the semester (if you have not done so already), please send me (or point me to) your write-up for the team project (just one copy from each team) and finally send me your team evaluations (one e-mail message from each team member with an evaluation of your teammates performance on this project).


I will be posting the slides that I have been receiving soon and will update this page with an announcement when the lion's share are up.

Need Volunteer: FCQs

I need a volunteer to administer FCQs for this class at the end of Wednesday's class session. Please send me e-mail if you are interested. Thanks in advance!

Please send me your slides

I've posted Sophia's slides on Mashups from this week's class session. Would the rest of the presenters please send in your slides? Thanks!

Schedule for Today

I'm finalizing the schedule for today's class. If I remember correctly, we have the following presentations lined up:

Two presentations on Open ID

Two presentations on Google Web Toolkit

One presentation on Web 2.0 mashups

One presentation on Ghost, a Web 2.0 virtual computer

One presentation on Coghead, Bungee Connect, and Heroku

If you were planning on presenting today but don't see your topic listed above, let me know, so I can update the list.

Also for the week after Thanksgiving, I have the following presentations lined up:

One presentation on Rails, Web 2.0 and REST

One presentation on Google's Mashup Editor

One presentation on Ubiquity, a Firefox extension related to mashups

One presentation from John on other entries in the Bungee Connect / Coghead space.

One presentation on Google App Engine

Recall that you need to have made at least three presentations over the semester, so if you still have presentations to give, then please sign up for making presentations on Dec. 3rd and Dec 10th (but recall that most of Dec. 10th will be devoted to seeing the final project presentations from each of our teams).



Need Volunteers for Week 13 and Week 14

I need volunteers for presentations during the next two weeks of class (the week before Fall break and the week after). The presentations can focus on Web 2.0 topics or can return to REST and/or SOAP if you like. Recall that each student needs to present three times over the course of the semester, so I should be receiving a flood of volunteers for these next two weeks.

Week 15, the last week of class, will be devoted to presentations of the semester projects.


Lectures 11 and 12

I added pointers to yesterday's lecture and the lecture I gave last week. Would the two people who presented on AJAX during week 11 please send me the slides for your presentations? Thanks!

Guest Lecture This Week

Reminder: We will have a guest lecture this week: Mehrshad Setayesh from Collective Intellect will be speaking on the topic of social networking and social media.

His talk is going to be held in ECCR 139, one floor up from our usual meeting spot. I will leave a message on the board to remind people who go to our normal meeting spot to head on up to ECCR 139.

Please join us on Wednesday!

Reading Assignment

For this week's class session, be sure to read the following paper:

Tim O'Reilly's What is Web 2.0?

This paper is now three years old but it has aged well. See you tomorrow!

Oh, and please vote today! If you have already voted, congrats!

One more... Yahoo Pipes

The brief slides for last week's Yahoo Pipes presentation are now available. Of course, the cool part of that presentation was the demo, and that's hard to convert to slides!

Recent Lectures

I have posted the slides for recent lectures including our presentations on Roy Fielding's dissertation, AtomPub, and ROA vs. SOAP.

Lecture 8 Slides

Slides from Lecture 8 are now available on the Lectures page.

Dhaval's Netflix REST API Presentation

Dhaval's presentation on Netflix's REST API is now available.

Readings that can be used as a basis for Presentations


Here are some links to readings that can be used as the basis for student presentations. If you decide to create a presentation around one of these readings please let me know. (Indeed, if you plan to present this coming Wednesday, definitely send me a message so I can get you on the agenda.

First, I would love a presentation on the chapters of Roy Fielding's dissertation that started the entire discussion on RESTful web services. In particular, chapter 5 and chapter 6.

Second, Tim Bray's weblog has a section that lists all of his posts that are related to Web Services. (Warning: Tim is very much anti-SOAP/Big Web Services.) There are several posts on that page that can be used to create a presentation for this class including:

The Shambling WS-Undead

On Web Service Definition



WS-* in the Springtime


The End of SOA

Important I Think

We should balance Tim Bray with pro-SOAP/Big Web Services perspective. One person might be Don Box from Microsoft. Any student interested in looking for some pro-SOAP articles for us to consider. I have one pointer:

UnREST over WS-* and other "enterprisey" things

Finally, there are tutorial style links that might be interesting to explore, including:

WebMonkey's Getting Started with REST

XML.com's How to Create a REST protocol

10 Things to Change in your Thinking When building REST protocols

I'm sure there is a lot more articles out there that could lead to interesting discussions. If none of the above grab your attention, do a search and let us know what you find!

Susan's Slides

Susan's slides from last lecture are now available.

Lecture 7

Lecture 7 is now available. I will be posting Susan's slides next. Dhaval, would you send me your slides?


Heads-Up: I may only be able to cover one chapter from the textbook this week, rather than the two I had planned.

Sophia's Project Ideas

Sophia has posted her ideas about potential class projects on the Moodle. Take a look here for details.

Lecture 6

I have posted my lecture on REST that I presented this past Wednesday. Yibo and Haitao, please send me your slides so I can post them as well.

Semester Project

I have (finally) posted information on the class project for this semester. See the Assignments page for details.

Lecture 4

Slides from last week's lecture are now available on the Lectures page.

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