CSCI 7818

Topics in Software Engineering: XML Techniques, Tools, Standards

Course Location
   ECOT 831

Course Time
   9:00 AM - 11:50 AM

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Class Presentations

Below are links to some of the class presentations. (Not all presentations were in a format that allows them to be linked from a webpage!)

Open Office's XML File Format (.ppt)

RDF (.pdf)

Real Simple Syndication (.ppt)

SAX (.ppt)

SOAP and XML-RPC (.ppt)

XLink (.ppt)

XML Namespaces (.ppt)

XML Query Languages (.ppt, .html)

XML Technology at GMD-IPSI (.html)

XPath (.ppt)

XPointer (.ppt)

XSchema (.ppt)

XSL (.ppt)

XSLT (.ppt)

XUL (.ppt)

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