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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

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Useful Links

This page contains a set of links to useful Web resources concerning object-oriented analysis and design.

Feel free to send in pointers of your own!

Argo UML

Argo UML is an open source design environment that supports the creation of object-oriented designs using the latest UML specifications. As an interesting aside, one of the founders of the project, Jason Robbin, used to be my roommate back in graduate school. Jason is a smart, hard-working, guy who has accomplished alot using the open source style of software development.

Link provided by Matthias Hauswirth.

Cetus Links

Cetus Links claims to have over 18,000 links to information on Objects and Components!

Link provided by Edmon Begoli.


No DIA does not refer to our local international airport (besides its DEN not DIA!), but instead to a Unix tool called dia that can help you draw UML diagrams.

Link provided by Nathan Blair.

Interaction Architect

Here's an article from the Interaction Architect website that discusses 13 common objections to performing requirements analysis, and why you should not believe them! The page seems focused on website design, but the objections are generic enough to be useful outside that domain.

Link provided by Usha Sunkad.


Three links related to patterns. We are definitely going to cover design patterns in class, but I have not yet made up my mind about antipatterns. Let me know if you are interested in having this topic covered in class.

Links provided by Usha Sunkad.

The Object Management Group Website

The Object Management Group (or OMG) is a standards organization for the creation of standards releated to object technology. Check this site out for information on UML.

Object Mentor Articles

This site contains lots of articles on object-oriented design, written by a well known author in the OO A&D field, Robert C. Martin.

Link provided by Edmon Begoli.

The Portland Pattern Repository

The Portland Pattern Repository is a resource on design patterns, a topic we will be covering later in the semester.

The OO Tips Website

Object Orientation Tips is a website that syndicates content from object-oriented newsgroups, mailing lists, and other sources.

Link provided by Edmon Begoli.

UML Quick Reference Page

The UML Quick Reference Page contains handy information on the UML diagrams that we will be learning this semester.

Link provided by Nathan Blair.

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