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Homework 3: Use Cases


For this homework assignment, you are asked to develop a set of use cases for the home security system of homework 2. This will give you a chance to apply some of the guidelines for use case writing that we covered in lecture, and it will give you a chance to apply the use case notation of the UML.

In particular, please write use cases for the following situations:

  • A smoke detector detects smoke in the house.
  • Returning to a house armed in away mode.
  • The security system detects an intruder.
  • Setting the security system to monitor only parts of the house

With respect to the latter use case, assume a situation like the following: A person is at home, working late, and intends to use only the office, bathroom, and bedroom that are co-located in one section of the house. Normally, an alarm mode for in-home use is one in which only the perimeter of the house is monitored, e.g. window and door sensors are on, but motion detectors are deactivated. This use case is one in which we would like the house armed with all sensors on, except for those in the office, bathroom, and bedroom.


  1. Create a use case diagram that shows the relationships between your use cases and the actors that you have identified.
  2. At least one of the four use cases must be presented in a high ceremony fashion, e.g. using the template covered in class with all of the fields covered in class. The other three can be presented using low ceremony or mid-ceremony techniques. In addition, at least one of the four use cases must be accompanied by a usage narrative, that you write before you write the actual use case.
  3. Even though four use cases are asked for, you can create more than four, if you find sub-use cases that can be reused by the four main ones.


Your assignment must be at least 5 pages long, one page for your use case diagram, and one each for the four use cases. You can, of course, use more pages if needed. You will be evaluated at how well you have written your use cases to capture the behavioral requirements of the system (at least for the four areas selected above) and how well you have applied the concepts and techniques discussed in lecture. This homework assignment is worth 25 points.

This homework can be turned in via hard copy, fax, or submitted electronically. Please remember that acceptable formats for electronic submission are ASCII, postscript, and PDF. Send ASCII submissions in the body of an e-mail message (not as an attachment). Send postscript/PDF submissions as an attachment to an e-mail message. If you send postscript, be sure to embed any special fonts that you may use directly into the postscript font. (Most printer drivers provide an option to allow you to embed fonts.) Make sure that your e-mail message is clearly marked (as discussed in lecture 1) and that this same information appears in the attached document.

Any questions?

Send questions to <>. Answers to common questions will be discussed in class and/or posted to the class website.

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