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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

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Homework 2: Descriptions


For this homework assignment, you are asked to develop a set of descriptions (designations, definitions, refutable descriptions, and rough sketches) for a software requirements problem.

In particular, the problem is one of keeping a house secure from intruders. Assume you have been asked to develop a home security system. Home owners desire various levels of security. For instance, they would like separate security settings for when they are away and when they are at home. They would like windows, doors, and rooms to be protected. They prefer sensors that can be installed without requiring major modification to the home's infrastructure (e.g. they prefer wireless devices over running cable through walls). They want it to be easy to read the current state of the system, and if a alarm is activated to be given enough information to respond appropriately. (They also want the authorities to be automatically notified if an alarm goes off.) They want the system to be authenticated such that only they can modify the system's operating mode, but they want authentication to be straightforward (so as not to take too much time). Finally, they like to have the security system integrated with other monitoring systems, such as a home's smoke alarms.


  1. Begin by breaking the application domain into sub-domains (as covered in lecture) and draw a context diagram that shows the relationships between these domains. Do not forget to include the Machine domain in your context diagram.
  2. Create a set of designations, definitions, refutable descriptions, and rough sketches that represents a first pass attempt at formalizing the requirements above into (as) precise (as possible) domain descriptions.


Your context diagram and your descriptions should take up at least 1.5 to 2 pages. You will be evaluated at how well you have addressed the domains that are relevant to the requirements listed above. This homework assignment is worth 20 points.

Please submit this homework assignment electronically. (I will not be physically present in class on Feb. 8th to accept hard copy assignments...stay tuned to the class website for more information.) Please remember that acceptable formats for electronic submission are ASCII, postscript, and PDF. Send ASCII submissions in the body of an e-mail message (not as an attachment). Send postscript/PDF submissions as an attachment to an e-mail message. If you send postscript, be sure to embed any special fonts that you may use directly into the postscript font. (Most printer drivers provide an option to allow you to embed fonts.) Make sure that your e-mail message is clearly marked (as discussed in lecture 1) and that this same information appears in the attached document.

Any questions?

Send questions to <>. Answers to common questions will be discussed in class and/or posted to the class website.

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