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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

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   ECCS 1B28

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Extra Credit Assignment


This assignment will allow you to earn up to 30 extra credit points for the semester.


Answer the following questions from the Mathiassen text book.

  1. Problem 12 from Section 3.6 (page 65)
  2. Problem 14 from Section 4.8 (page 87)
  3. Problem 15 from Section 5.9 (page 112)
  4. Problem 11 from Section 6.7 (page 134)
  5. Problem 13 from Section 6.7 (page 134)
  6. Problem 8 from Section 7.6 (page 147)


Each question is worth 5 points and will be evaluated for correctness and completeness. The assignment is worth 30 points total. Note, you do not have to turn in answers for all of the questions. That is, if you just want to answers questions 1, 3, and 6 (or some other combination), you may do so.


This extra credit assignment is due by the final (May 5th) for in-class students, and one week after the final (May 12th) for CATECS students.

This homework can only be submitted electronically as an ASCII e-mail message. No attachments. Make sure that your answer appears in the body of the e-mail message.

Any questions?

Send questions to <>. Answers to common questions will be discussed in class and/or posted to the class website.

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