CSCI 6448

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

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   ECCR 150

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   Tuesday and Thursday
   9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

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   August, 1998
   September 1-9, 1998
   September 10-30, 1998
   October, 1998


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Assignment Description

The time has come to implement your system. Your team should have as a goal constructing a system that corresponds to the implementation plans outlined in Team Assignment 5.

For the assignment, the team must deliver all of the source code constructed for the project, screenshots of the user-interface, and a description of how well the team met its implementation plans. In addition, include one or two pages describing elements of design and/or analysis that occurred during construction. In other words, did you discover any "holes" in your analysis and design once you started the implementation phase? If your project did not construct a graphical user-interface, then, in place of the screenshots, please provide a sample text-based listing of input and output to the system.

Note: for the source code listing, try to save paper, by printing all of the source code double-sided, two pages to a side.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them in class or via e-mail.

The goal of this assignment is to help you evaluate the utility of the models that you developed over the course of the Semester. Did they help your understanding as you implemented the system? Be prepared to discuss this issue on the last day of class.

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