CSCI 6448

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

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   August, 1998
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State Diagrams

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Assignment Description

This assignment continues the transistion to a more detailed view of your system. We are preparing to do an initial implementation and so more detail is required of our designs. To help prepare you for this upcoming implementation task, this assignment has two parts. The first part is to identify the major subsystems of your team project and to explicitly describe their responsibilities. This subsystem description should consist of two parts, an architecture diagram showing the subsystems and their relationships, and two to three paragraphs of textual description. Not only should the paragraphs describe the subsystems but they should also identify the parts of each subsystem that your team plans to implement. You will not be completely held accountable for these choices; the purpose is to get the team thinking about what exactly they plan to build.

The second part of the assignment is to construct three state diagrams for your project. Identify three key objects in your system and provide diagrams that document their states. You should include with each diagram a description of each state and you should reuse the events that were identified in the previous assignment. (If you are unhappy with the events defined in the previous assignment, take this time to specify new ones or update the descriptions of the existing ones.

Again update Appendix 1 and Appendix 2, as appropriate. You must also create Appendix 3. In Appendix 3, include a description of how the design of your system has evolved over the course of the semester. Do not include a discussion of how you fixed small problems with diagrams from previous assignments, rather focus on how your thoughts and plans for the team project have changed since you started the project. Did you start assuming a single-threaded design and now plan a multithreaded design? Were you assuming a monolithic system that is now client-server? How do you see the design evolving from here to the end of the Semester? This appendix will be used to award points to the seventh grading criteria of the team project: iteration. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them in class or via e-mail.

The goals of this assignment is to create a baseline architecture for your system, develop implementation plans, and construct state diagrams for the three most important objects of your system.

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