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Object Oriented Analysis and Design

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   August, 1998
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Use Cases

PointsPercentage of Grade

Assignment Description

The purpose of this assignment is to continue to develop the requirements document for the team project by supplementing it with use cases. The team should produce a use case document consisting of the following sections:

  • Actor Descriptions
  • Use Cases
  • Use Case Diagram

If during the course of this assignment, you are able to answer questions posed in your requirements document, the Appendix (of the requirements document) should be updated to record the answer. If you encounter new questions, the Appendix should be updated to list the new questions. Finally, a new Appendix, Appendix 2, should be added to the requirements document that lists the changes made to it. The changes should record, the type of change, the location of the change (e.g. the section number), and the date of the change. Changes should be grouped by date, just like the "What's New" page of the class website.

The goal of this assignment is to continue to develop the team's understanding of the project and to again allow the Instructor and TA to provide early feedback.

Additional Information

Actor Descriptions

The Actor description section should briefly identify the different types of users of your team's project (building off the user description section of the requirements document) and then identify the actors that are present in your project. Remember that a single user might have many different roles within a system and each role should be represented as a distinct actor in your Use cases.

Use Cases

The Use Cases section will provide the textual descriptions of your use cases. At a minimum, the descriptions should include the name of the use case, a list of the actors that either depend on or provide a service for the use case, and a brief description of the use case. You may find it useful to use Alistair Cockburn's Use case template although you are by no means required to fill out all of the fields of the template. As discussed in class, find the level of granularity that helps capture important decisions for your team.

Use Case Diagram

Produce a diagram that shows the relationships between the actors and use cases that you have defined. You do not have to come up with a single diagram that covers all of the use cases. You may spread the use cases out across two or three diagrams, however make sure that you have completely covered all the use cases defined in the Use Cases section of the document.

Assignment Format

Acceptable formats for this assignment include a laser-printed document, a postscript file, or a PDF file. For the latter two formats, send an e-mail message to the Instructor and the TA containing the URL for the assignment.

Closing Comments

The Instructor and TA will attempt to get feedback on the requirements documents to the teams within a week. If that feedback concerns the User description section of the document, it is recommended that you attempt to incorporate that feedback into this assignment. In addition, any response to feedback on the requirements document should be noted in the new Appendix 2 described above. All of this will count towards the Iteration portion of the project grade.

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