Semester Project: Part 3

Iteration 2 of your semester project is simply a continuation of Iteration 1.

You should continue to follow steps 4-7 of our OO A&D life cycle and work to complete additional features and use cases trying to achieve a usable version of your target system that implements as much of the functionality that you targeted for this iteration.

At the end of the iteration, you will submit an expanded version of the document that you submitted for the first iteration. It should contain approximately the same sections but will now contain information on the final version of your system. Thus, your Introduction will be updated to discuss what was achieved during iteration 2, discussing how closely you achieved the goals you set out for your team at the end of iteration 1. Your requirements, use cases, and class diagram sections will reflect what your final system achieved. Rather than a "Plans for Next Iteration" section, please end your document by describing the contributions of each team member to the project as a whole. Finally, include in your archive the latest set of source code and test cases for your project.

Create a single archive that contains the document, plus the source code and test cases created by the team for the iteration, and upload it by the time of your demo on December 12th (see below). This portion of the assignment is worth 50 points, 25 points for the document and 25 points for your demo (see below).

The last 25 points of this assignment will be associated with your team's ability to demo your final system and talk through what you have achieved and how you achieved it. As a result, when your team is finished with your project, send an e-mail to Prof. Anderson to schedule a demo. Your entire team should attend this final demonstration. All demos need to be scheduled and presented by Friday, December 12th.

Any questions? Send mail to Prof. Anderson.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2008