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CSCI 5828 Homework 1: Logic Problem

This assignment asks you to provide a formal proof in the propositional logic with respect to a set of propositions that define some assumptions and constraints about a library and the books that it contains.


S: a book is on the stacks

R: a book is on reserve

L: a book is on loan

Q: a book is requested


A book can only be in one of three states S, R, or L.

If a book is requested then it must be on the stacks or on reserve.

Set of Propositions

S <-> not (R v L)

R <-> not (S v L)

L <-> not (S v R)

Q -> (S v R)

Target of Proof

Please prove the following statement:

If a book is on loan, it is not requested.

Translated into propositional logic: L -> not Q

Due Date

In-class students should submit their answers to this proof by Thursday, March 4, 1999. CATECS students should submit their answers by Thursday, March 11, 1999. Please submit your work via e-mail at <>.

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