Review 3 Grades

Grades for Review 3 are now available on the Grades page.

The grades page has changed to have an overview table, a homeworks table, and a reviews table. With this switch, it is now revealed that reviews earn extra credit points and that "checks" earn .25 extra credit points and "pluses" earn .5 extra credit points.

The overview table will eventually display your total points earned along with what percentage that score is with respect to the maximum number of points possible. Since reviews earn extra credit, it will be possible to have a percentage that is larger than 100%.

Currently, the percentage columns says "N/A" because the maximum number of points so far is zero and bad things happen when you try to divide by zero. Once homework 1 grades are posted, I'll be able to safely calculate the percentage.

Finally, the Grades page now features a timestamp at the bottom of the page that states the date and time when it was generated.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2009