Reminder: Midterm Tomorrow

The midterm will be held tomorrow, March 3rd, in lecture from 2 PM to 3:15 PM. If you normally skip lecture, I would recommend NOT doing that tomorrow. ☺

Just so you can read and absorb them, here are the instructions printed on the front of the exam:

Print your name above; then read and sign the honor code statement.

Note: This is a closed book, closed notes test.

I recommend that you read the ENTIRE test BEFORE you start answering questions. If you have concerns about a particular question, please come forward to Professor Anderson for clarification.

CAETE STUDENTS: Since you will not be able to ask for clarifications, you should indicate on your test where you had questions and then indicate the interpretation you used to answer the question. Within reason, I will attempt to take your interpretations into consideration when grading your exam.

Be sure to write your answers as succinctly as possible. Having said that, if you need more room to answer a question feel free to use the back of the page it’s printed on. Don’t waste time writing a long answer to a question you don’t know, hoping to get partial credit. Finish all of the questions you can answer with confidence first; then work on answers to the questions you are unsure of.

Above all, DON’T PANIC and good luck!

The big lesson here is time management. You need to make sure tha you allocate enough time to answer each question. Do not make the mistake of working on one question too long and ignoring other questions. Each question will indicate how many points it is worth; you can use that information to guide how you divide your time among the questions.

CAETE STUDENTS: I will give CAETE the exam tomorrow morning. For those of you that have a designated test proctor, the exam will be sent to them tomorrow. You have until Tuesday, March 10th to take the exam. Your test proctor should fax the exam to me and then mail the hardcopy to me using the address that will be listed on the form that accompanies the exam. They should then send me e-mail to notify me that the exam is on its way.

There are several CAETE students who have made other arrangements with me that will not follow the process above. If you've previously contacted me about the midterm, please follow the plan we agreed to.

Best of luck to all of you tomorrow!

P.S. Because some CAETE students won't be taking the exam until Tuesday, March 10th, I will NOT be uploading Thursdays lecture (where the midterm will be discussed) until after I've received all of the exams from CAETE students. FYI.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2009