Project Presentations

We have 8 teams that need to present and 75 minutes of lecture time. As a result, please keep your presentation to 10 minutes and be prepared to switch quickly between presentations. We will overrun our lecture time but if we act efficiently we can be done and be out of the studio before the next class starts at 3:30 PM.

To keep us on track, I'd like to follow this schedule:

Presentation 1: Flemming & Kooh

Presentation 2: Roberts, Mackey & White

Presentation 3: Allred & Knappe

Presentation 4: Khan, Pfeiffer, Yan & Zheng

Presentation 5: Beldyk, Gonzales, Gonzalez & Novinger

Presentation 6: Iyer, Noor, Philipose & Sundaravel

Presentation 7: Grosshans, Hammuda & Wichiencharoen

Presentation 8: Haller

In addition, I will present two signals during a talk: one at 8 minutes into a presentation that will indicate that a member of the next team should get up and move to the front of the stage; that will be a signal to the current presenters that they will need to wrap up their presentation. The second signal at roughly 9 minutes 30 seconds into a presentation that will indicate that its time to swap laptops for the next presentation. The current presenters can use those 30 seconds to answer questions while the next team sets-up.

Please work with me to ensure that tomorrow's session runs smoothly and that all teams get a chance to present!

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2009