I have added a Grades page to the website showing the grades for Review 1. The table on that page is indexed by a mysterious attribute called Id.

To calculate your Id for this class, use the following procedure.

  1. Start with your CU student id, for example "999-99-0234".
  2. Take the last four digits, e.g. "0234".
  3. Convert to an integer and think of that number as tmp, e.g. 234
  4. Take your last name and make it a lower case string, for example, "anderson".
  5. Convert each letter of your name into a number, a == 1, b == 2, … z == 26.
  6. Sum up the numbers of your name and think of that number as sum, for example, the sum of "anderson" is: 90.
  7. Add sum and tmp together to compute your Id for this class.

If you do this calculation and do not find your Id in the grades table, contact me and we'll make sure that we both used the same input into the algorithm.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2009