Project 5: Iteration 3

Iteration 3 of your project will last for two weeks. Your deliverable is due at class on Thursday, April 30th.


Over the next two weeks, your team will execute iteration 3 as described in the iteration plan that you submitted for Project 4. This means that you will assign tasks to team members and attempt to complete those user stories that were assigned to this iteration. Keep track of your daily progress using the Burn Down chart technique covered in the textbook. In this iteration, your focus is on finishing your prototype and preparing your final presentation.


You should prepare a Powerpoint presentation and a demo of your software prototype for the last day of class. (CAETE students see below for your requirements.)

  1. Overview. Describe your project to the rest of the class.
  2. Progress Overview: Describe the user stories that you wanted to complete and compare that with what you actually accomplished. Show the burn down charts for all three iterations.
  3. UML diagram: Provide a UML diagram that represents the classes and relationships of the final software prototype.
  4. FSP: Show the final FSP for your software prototype and describe the behaviors of your software prototype that it models. Discuss the safety and liveness properties that you added to the FSP in iteration 2.
  5. Demo. Give a demo of your prototype in action.

Points and Due Dates

This assignment is worth 50 points. Please come to class ready to present your slides and give your demo.


CAETE students need to arrange a time with me during Finals week to send me their powerpoint presentation and demo. With respect to the demo, we have several options: I can attempt to run your software on my Mac if you used Java, python, or some other platform-independent programming language. Or, you can create a screencast of your prototype in action and send me the video to review. Or, we can arrange to use Web conferencing software such as WebEx or Adobe Connect to allow me to view your desktop while you give your demo. Finally, if you live in Colorado and are willing to make the trek out to Boulder, you can come to campus and give me the demo in person. Get in touch with me to arrange the details.


Contact Professor Anderson if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2009