Project 3: Iteration 1

Iteration 1 of your project will last for two weeks. Your deliverable is due at 11:55 PM on Friday, April 3rd.


Over the next two weeks, your team will execute iteration 1 as described in the iteration plan that you submitted for Project 2. This means that you will assign tasks to team members and attempt to complete those user stories that were assigned to this iteration. Keep track of your daily progress using the Burn Down chart technique covered in the textbook. If you encounter tasks and/or user stories that were not in the original plan, be sure to add them and reshuffle your iteration plan accordingly.


You should submit a PDF document as your deliverable with the following sections.

  1. Overview. Describe what your team did in this iteration, what problems you encountered and how you addressed them.
  2. Progress Report: List the tasks/user stories that your team completed and include a burn-down chart showing your team's progress over the course of the two week iteration. (Note: since this iteration spans across Spring Break, you can present this chart as a 3-week iteration if you want.)
  3. UML diagram: Provide a UML diagram that represents the classes and relationships of the code completed during this iteration.
  4. Updated FSP: If you gained additional insight into the concurrency issues of your system, describe them here and include an updated FSP model that reflects this new understanding.
  5. New Iteration Plan: Describe any new stories and/or tasks that were added to your iteration plan as a result of the work in this iteration. Recalculate your velocity using the formula in Chapter 10 of the Head First Software Development textbook and then include a new iteration plan that covers iteration 2 and iteration 3. Be sure to discuss the implications of this new plan: are you still on track with respect to the goals of the original iteration plan or did you have to re-scope the project based on the results of iteration 1?

Individual Participation

10 points of this assignment is based on an evaluation of your work and participation by your other team members. Once the requirements document has been submitted, each team member should mail Professor Anderson an evaluation of the participation and work performed by the other team members. If all of your team members give you a good review, you will receive all 10 points for this portion of the assignment. Otherwise, you will receive a percentage of the 10 points based on the positive/negative reviews that you received.

Note: If team members indicate that a student did nothing for this portion of the project, that student is in danger of losing more than just the 10 points allocated to individual participation.

Points and Due Dates

This assignment is worth up to 50 points, depending on the score you receive for individual participation.

Please submit your requirements document via e-mail as a PDF document to Prof. Anderson by 11:55 PM on Friday, April 3rd.


All deadlines for CAETE students are one week behind those listed above.


Contact Professor Anderson if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2009