Homework 6

Each project team is asked to work together to produce a small set of Powerpoint or PDF slides (approximately 4-5 slides) that describes a design-related problem that the team is wrestling with. If your team has developed a solution to this problem, please describe that solution. If you have not yet resolved the issue, then present the various alternatives you are considering.

Professor Anderson will present these slides in next week's lectures and solicit additional discussion/feedback from the rest of the class. (A team member may present the slides to the rest of the class; if you want to do that, just volunteer!)

Please send these slides to Prof. Anderson by 11:59 PM on Monday, April 27th.

Despite being a team-based assignment, it will be graded like the other homeworks. This homework assignment is worth 40 points.

Any questions? Send them to Professor Anderson.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2009