Review 7

Review 7 is now available. Take a look at it and then read the next sentence. DON'T PANIC! It has a lot of questions but you need to answer them as if you were actually taking the midterm. This means I'm not expecting long essays for each of these questions but rather concise, to-the-point answers that get at the essence of the question. The greatest mistake that students make on the midterm is wasting too much time on a small number of the short answer questions (emphasis on short). As a result, I wanted to give you the opportunity to practice answering questions in a way that will help you maximize your time while taking the test.

For each of the questions on Review 7, you should be able to come up with a cogent answer that takes only 2-3 sentences. Be brief, to the point, and attack the essence of the question with your answer. Don't supply "filler".

This is NOT a complete study guide, there are additional things you need to review for the midterm but this review should give you good insight into the types of questions that can appear on the midterm. As a bonus for working on this review, I guarantee that at least two of the questions in review 7 will appear on the midterm.

Note: This review is due on Monday at 11:55 PM. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MONDAY TO START WORKING ON IT! Indeed, try to get it submitted by Sunday evening, so you are well on your way to preparing for the midterm by the time Monday rolls around.

Best of luck!

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2008.